DL Personal Collection - DennisLee

Otter and Sea Bear, Morris Canal. We sat trapped at Liberty Harbor for close to three hours until the Sea Bear could make it down to break up the ice and set us free. It probably took us a solid hour to work our way back up to the Work Dock in Weehawken a couple miles away.

The otter is a 65' monohull with twin turbo diesels and water jet propulsion capable of carrying 99 passengers and two crew. Not an ice boat. The strainers were constantly clogging with ice. We teamed up with two other otters trying to make it home. As one boat would stop and clear strainers the other two would try and keep the ice from building up around us. Pretty fun little adventure in hindsight, little stressful at the time.

Photo made with Leica M4-P and 21 at... I'm guessing 1/4 or 1/8 second. Tri-X.